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Image by Austin Ban

Trail Club

As part of an effort to promote stewardship and healthy living, Trail Club is working to establish eight public trails across the Pine Ridge Reservation. These trails are good for hiking, jogging, biking, and horses. 

Sunset Run



As the home of Billy Mills/Tamakoce Te'Hila, we want to support the tradition of running by organizing and sponsoring a fun run, with cash prizes, each season of the year. A 5k in the spring, a mud run in the summer, a marathon in the fall, and a ride in the winter.


Obstacle Course

Mud runs and other races are fun, but too often prohibitively expensive. By building obstacle courses that are open to the public, we hope to inspire a lifelong obsession with fitness and adventure.

Image by Greg Rosenke



Nature abhors a vacuum. When on a path of recovery, it is important to substitute unhealthy habits with healthy/affirming habits. Hiking, jogging, and obstacle courses are great ways for people to spend time with their support network, growing as a team and as individuals.



Even if people aren't able to attend quarterly races, we still want to recognize their accomplishments. We give badges and prizes to people as they overcome various challenges and achieve milestones in addition to placing their photos on our leader boards. 

Image by Kevin Luarte
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