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Events & Retreats

365 days, 52 weeks, 4 seasons a year, we work to provide enriching and educational experiences for guests from around the world. We group these events and retreats into four categories: Green, Red, Blue, and Silver.

Tree Planting


Earth Skills

As you might imagine, Green events and workshops are outdoors. These events may be about farming, gardening, stewardship, conservation, or other natural practices. They also may just be dedicated to spending time in nature practicing a skill like dog training, riding, or archery.

Message us if you are interested in attending or hosting one of these events.


Physical Exertion

Red events and activities are more physically involved with a focus on health, fitness, and skills. These events include fitness "boot camps", arms safety training, wilderness first responder skills, or martial arts workshops. If you are interested in hosting or attending one of these events, please message us.

Camping on the Beach
Sunset SUP Couple


Healing and Learning

Blue events are focused on healing and learning. They may involve practices like yoga, meditation, or tai chi. They can focus on a specific subject like homeschooling, faith study, learning an instrument, singing, sculpture philosophy, charity, or community organizing. If you want to attend or organize a Blue event, please message us.


Teamwork and Enterprise

Silver events focus on academic and business interests. Events like leadership seminars, corporate retreats, and teambuilding.  They may also include intensive studies and workshops for subjects like engineering, mechanics, coding, economics, policy, or writing.

Sitting by Campfire
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