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Trail in Woods

Work With Us!

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to work with. 

We are in immediate need of:

  • Housekeepers

  • Ranch Hands

  • Camp Counselors/Trail Guides

  • Personal Assistant/Event Coordinators

Please message us if you or anyone you know might enjoy this work.

Horse Riding in the Valley


Riders, Gardeners, Farmers, Equestrians, etc.

We have two different training programs: Forestry Rangers and Cattle Rangers. There are many different roles within these two groups, but training is mandatory. Email us if you are intersted.


Trail Guides, First Responders, Personal Trainers, etc.

Braves are physically ambitious people who thrive under pressure. Whether responding to a medical emergency, leading a 20-mile hike, or running a weekend boot camp. We have a training course for braves, but your subject matter expertise will determine what you do.

Email us if you are interested.

Rocky Rapids


Teachers, Artists, Healers, etc

Mages: Teachers, artists, and healers lead retreats and serve as counselors, providing mental/emotional support for guests and other staff. 

Email us if you are interested.


Administration, Clerical, Sales, Coordinators, Mentors, etc.

Sages make Woodland Ranch possible by keeping all the logistics in order. We also host business retreats where Sages will be encouraged to share their organizational insights.

Email us if you are intrested.

Image by Ian Tuck
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